ghosts and clouds, and nameless things

squint your eyes and hope real hard

maybe sprout wings

GET TO KNOW ME MEME -  [1/5] favorite movies: Harry Potter series (2001-2011)

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” 

Sterek Week: anything you want

You’re on your own, in a world you’ve grown
Few more years to go,
Don’t let the hurdle fall
So be the girl you loved,
B e  t h e  g i r l  y o u  l o v e d .

STEREK WEEK || Saturday: Texture me Sterek

And I know
The scariest part is letting go

Let my love be the light that guides you home


Sterek Week // Saturday: Texture Me Sterek

Sweet despair feel you devour me
Silently, Oh won’t you carry me


Misha & Jensen - JibCon 2014 (x)


Misha & Jensen - JibCon 2014 (x)


↳ STEREK WEEKSaturday: Texture me Sterek

if my heart should dimly burn
And if my feet should fail to run
Call my name and I will come right back to You.

Sterek Week: Saturday» Texture me Sterek